Community Service | Dual-A Construction

Community Service

Being life time residence of Cedar City we’ve had opportunities to give back to the community. We have donated time, labor, material and money on several projects. We do it not for recantation, but to beautify and to make the area a more enjoyable place to live.

Here are some of the projects that Dual-A has had the opportunity to donate on:

Donated all labor on Korean War Memorial. Also donated material and labor on the World War 1 and World War 2 Memorials. They are located at 200 North and 200 East in Cedar City at the Rotary Centennial Veterans Memorial Park.

In the Cedar City Cemetery at the information center Dual-A donated all labor to install the brick pavers, concrete and the granite bench.

At Three Peaks Recreational Area west of Cedar City” Dual-a poured the concrete for the hexagon pavilion.

Up Parowan canyon at Thunder Ridge Boy Scout Camp Dual-A donated labor and material to built the 30x60 foot Pavilion used for Handicraft actives.

Donated and installed benches at the Veterans Memorial and the Children’s Justice Center.